1974-5S1-Chin Wah On
RIP 1956-2004

Fond memories of Chin Wah On, penned by classmates.

Chow Sze Cheen: June 07, 2004

I remember how I got into big walk.

This brought us back to Form Four, When Mr Cheah asked who were interested in big walks on the stage, our friend Chin Wah Onn asked me if I was interested. Then we, the only two of us gave our names and selected to represent the school. No trials, no training. No one even knew we represented the School, I think until now.

I forgot how many miles we walked. It was in the rain. All I know was my hip , legs and body suffered for one week after that. Anyway, we finished the journey.

Chow Choon Fee: June 07, 2004

Chin Wah Onn was really a dare devil during our school days. He was really one class above many of us at that time.

Leong Choy: June 07, 2004

I sort of recall the memory of Ah Kai and Ah Oon participated in the big walk. During that time, Ah Oon is the leader to take us out to see movie during school time with the excuse of "seeing dentist" and also took us to Satin park to jump sand (from the mining pool).

Francis Toh: June 07, 2004

What I can say is that Ah Onn matured ealier than most of us.

Lee Chin Keong: June 07, 2004

The once popular "1-to-10 chinese idioms" of Wah Oon still remains vivid in my mind. It started off with "1" as "Love at first sight" in cantonese and ended up with "10" as "maximum satisfaction"

Francis Toh: August 09, 2004

I do feel sad to learn that Chin Wah Oon passed away this year. I knew him ever since I shifted from Taiping to study Primary 4 in Ipoh, used to cycle to his house in 'Satin Garden'. In fact, two months ago while I was Ipoh, I purposely drove pass 'Satin Garden', but I could not seem to spot his house.

Leong Choy: August 11, 2004

It is very very sad to hear the bad news about Wah On passed away.

The last time I meet up with him and his family for lunch(with Choon Fee's family too) was in Ipoh, before he went to US. The memory still appear in my mind very clearly. What a lost for such a good friend.

Ted Mah: August 12, 2004

It is with great sadness I learn of the death of Chin Wah On. I last saw Wah On some 12 years ago in Ipoh, he was happy go lucky then.

Chow Sze Cheen: August 17, 2004

The late Chin Wah On was closet mate of mine during the high school days. We were the two only Hainanese in the class. Wherever you saw him, most probably you would find me. Be it in the Red, Glee, YCS, Art of Self-defense clubs, Big walk, Cross Country, Girl chasing Dance Parties, Mah Jong & Jinramee sessions, "taking baths", coppertollings. In fact, I met my wife while we were playing Jinramee in his friend's shop. I was his bestman during his wedding.

I remember he sent a telex from his telekom office while I was having lecture in my 1st year Melbourne Uni. My name appeared on the big screen asking me urgently to attend to the telex. Then, it was just a only casual message from him. Back in 1978, telex was a big thing. Nobody would send a "How do you do?" message in those days. Only very urgent message would be sent by telegramme.

Then, when I came back for summer holidays, Wah On managed to meet me inside the aircraft on arrival, carrying bags for me!

Obviously it is very sad for me not able to talk to him before he leaves this world. When I am in Ipoh next time, I will try to meet his mother to deliver my condolences.

Chin Chew Khay: February 21, 2005

Wah On and I were very close friends in the late 70's b'cos we were both working in Telecom in KL.

At one time we were staying in the same room in the government quarters. We spent much time together in those bachelor days.We used to go out together when he was courting his then girl friend (Miss Lim) and later they were married. I came back from Brunei just to attend his wedding in Ipoh in the early 80's.

Wah On was a very nice person, he was helpful and very accommodating, he was a jovial guy who never lost his temper with friends.

I will remember Wah On as a good old friend.