1974-5S1-Ng Kin Yuen

I spent my last 7 years working in China and Hongkong. Spent too much time in the air plane and suffered jetlag so much that my hair is turning grey and thinning out. The high tech industry dived into the "perfect storm" and I rode along with it. Last couple of years had been all work and little rest. Look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel as the global economy recovers.

After meeting some of you one evening, I have since been convinced to start jogging. It is a good form of exercise that can be done with relative ease even while on business trip. I am following a jog schedule for novice and are progressing to 3.6km 3 times a week. The target is to achieve 5km 3 times a week by mid February. I also hope to meet as many old Sam Tet boys as possible in the coming years.

Email: Ng Kin Yuen