Dr Yap Tsok Khean 葉卓權, 1974 <kevinyap6566@yahoo.com.tw>'s Log

Thursday, 14 February, 2008 3:19:47 AM

So happy to learn that we have this Sam Tet Alumni website.

I have left Malaysia for almost 33 years, when I learned I had no future to further my education in Malaysia. I chose Taiwan, fortunate for me I was enrolled into one of Taiwan's best Dental Schools, The National Defence Medical Center. I now have my own clinic in Taipei.

Very happy to know that many of our alumni are doing so well in different fields. When I saw the photos of gatherings and the faces whom are quite familiar and yet strangers to me, they bring back a lot of old time memories in Sam Tet.

Richard Leong Choy, 1974 <richard_cleong@yahoo.com.au>

Dr Yap,

I am not sure whether you still remember me, I am Leong Choy, classmate of Ah Kai, 1974 5S1. We had "Kung-Fu and Taewondo" prastise in 'Taiwan guy' house and you side kick nearly killed me. Those were our wonderful memories.

I had settled down in Melbourne, Australia. I am sure Ah Kai will tell you a lot of stories when you meet him.

Dr Yap Tsok Khean, 1974 <kevinyap6566@yahoo.com.tw>

Richard, sure I remember you. We were sparring martial arts at Too Teh Hsin house's garden, at that time we were all inspired by Bruce Lee to learn Kung Fu. I learned Taekwondo and I think you were on Karate. We were all very proud at that age and wouldn't like to lose.

I was once immigrated to New Zealand, Christchurch, but couldn't stand the days of early retirement, I therefore returned to Taipei to start my dental clinic again.

Chow Choon Fee, 1974 <chowsir2000@yahoo.com>

Yap Tsok Khean, we used to called you 'Ah Zhong', right?

I am 'old Chow', still remember me? I can still remember, you, James Leong (Leong Shin Chong), Wong Sue Fatt and I used to talked 'cock' at the back of the classroom when we were in Form 1.

Kai, when you meet up with Yap, do send us some good photos. We didn't see each other for more than 30 years! I must let James Leong know that our childhood pal is found!

From Left: Leet Yam('75), Dr. Yap('74), Ah Kai('74), Eng Kean('75)

Richard Leong, 1974 <richard_cleong@yahoo.com.au>

Fantastic photo. Dr.Yap looks the same in 1974, obviously prosperous now.

Dr. Yong Eng Kean (Brother of Eng Heng, 1973, my Scout troop leader in 1972/1 when I was a young scout!!!)

Leet Yam was my school basketball team mate.

Long lost memory. Very good to catch up with you guys via this cyber space.

From Left: Yap Tsok Kean, Chow Sze Cheen ( Ah Kai ), Tan Leet Yam and Yong Eng Kean.

Chow Sze Cheen, 1974 (Ah Kai) <scchow@streamyx.com>

Dr. Yap keeps his cheerful character. Talked with that powerful tone. He commented that I was the quiet (shy) type in school, thanks a lot.

Dr Yap Tsok Khean, 1974 <kevinyap6566@yahoo.com.tw>

Date: Tuesday, 4 March, 2008 2:03:40 PM

To all my good friends of Sam Tet, thanks for the compliment. Do I look that young? I try to live happily without worry. I was once very fat and still trying to control my weight and already reduced nearly 10 kilos.

James wishes to know how I'm doing in Taiwan.

I married a Taiwanese and have two children, a girl and a boy. The elder girl is already 25 years old and is now working. My second son is a freshman of 輔仁大學, also a Catholic U. My practice is doing fine.

As I've told Kai I too was a scout at that time but never pass the knot exam. Somehow I didn't have that talent of tying knots. So I was fired.

I play golf now and quite good. My handicap is around 10.

Sean Seah Siew Choon, 佘绍存, 1974 <seanseah4848@hotmail.com>

Ah Zhong,

Are u still play tae kwan do? We used to pratice together those day. I still can kick well but at slower speed.

I have 4 kids now, 1 girl and 3 boys. The 1st 3 now in U, and the young one, age 14, but quite tall 5'10, playing basket ball.

We have a lot more to chat. We can't finish over the email as we have lost contact for almost 33 yrs already?