Dr. Wong Fai Thin, 1973 <faith_in_wong@yahoo.co.uk>'s Log

Sat, 20 Feb 2010 12:08:05

I last met Prof Lam Yee Cheong during the CNY period of 1976 in First College MU....
We had known each other since Primary school days in Chung San.
His elder brother Dr Lam Yee Yoon was my good classmate and Head Prefect 1974.

Being intelligent, articulate and sharp ,Prof Lam (as before) is a perfect guy to chat with and
we did have a good time with him on the 4th day of CNY.

Wonder Yee Cheong still plays the accordion in his spare time.
And wonder the accordion does give him any inspiration to attain expertise and authority
in micro fluid channels in metal fracture.

Photo: Dr. Wong's clinic open for business with Sam Tet Lion Dance Troupers.
From left: Chai Kim Fatt(1977) beside Prof Lam(1974), Hee Park Chee(1973), Dr. Wong(1973) and Mr Phang, Sam Tet HM