Look Boon Gee, 1979 <lookbg@lookarchitects.com.sg>'s Log

Date: 3-Mar-2010 9:02am

Dear Friends,

While we were having a few good spanish cocktails/ tapas and sharing a few good stories last Saturday, I could almost hear Sam Hui's playing his famous song "Friend".

LOOI & TK were exchanging some tips on the Art of digital photography, Robert was talking about his latest 313 Orchard Shopping Mall development; Yong Yong shared his CNY "hot" experience in Ipoh and enjoyed looking at the beautiful people around him; I recalled fondly of an old children playground in Ipoh town centre.....

The best part was that any secret happened 30 years ago will no longer be a secret and should be shared for a good laugh-- a new Sam Tet Old Boys' 30 years Limitation Act :)


From left: Foong T.K.(1974), SM Looi(1979), Look Boon Gee (1979), Rob Lam(1979), Chin Yong Yong (1978).