Victor Lim Heng Woo, 1973 <>'s Log [Ipoh Dinner]

Date: Mon, 8-Mar-2010

I had a wonderful time meeting with my teenage STS classmates in Ipoh last nite. Thanks to Mr Chan Chee Wah who arranged and wined n dined us in a expensive restaurant in Ipoh. It was a dream come true event for me.

It was absolutely a very touching moment for me though I hid my emotion well. I like to thank everyone who showed up. I adore you all.

Victor Lim Heng Woo, 1973 <>'s Log, Supplementary. [KL Dinner]

Date: Thu, 11-Mar-2010

Hey guys,

What a reunion!

After plus or minus 37 years of absence, you guys sure look better, feel warmer and act friendlier than before.

Ah Whung, no ordinary New Yorker can afford a chauffer, you have to be doing very well. I am humbled by your success.

I told Kwang Whung that I wish I could engage in a one on one conversation at length with each and everyone of you to catch up with the past.

I have yet to meet the rest of the 73 gang in Aussie sometime in future.

Awesome trip!

Seated, from Left: Victor Lim Heng Woo, Wong Wai Loong, Leow Yeow Ming, Ngoo Choo Yong, Chin Chew Khay, Chong Sooi Keong.

Standing, from Left: Tan Sin Su, Mak Kok Sun, Goh Kwong Whung, Yeoh Bee Kin.

Victor Lim Heng Woo, 1973 <>'s Log, Supplementary. [Ipoh Dinner]

Date: Fri, 12-Mar-2010

Chee Wah was a generous guy who forked out at least 8 to 10 lima buloh ringgit bill for the tab, with a smile on his face and all by himself. I knew the others wanted to fight for the bill but were unable to cos Chee Wah was way too fast.

The amah type waitresses serving us dish after dish of delicious food which I didn't quite taste much. Imagine having eight to ten bosses interviewing you while putting mouth watering food in front. You don't get to savor the tasty food because you were being grilled about your missing past which I totally understood.

Next time I will balance my talking time and my makan time efficiently with a little more time on the makan side.