1974 Sam Tet School - Photo Album 2004
Narrated by Foong T.K.


I went to K.L. and met up with more classmates.


It was 12:30am, first day of Chinese New Year in Ipoh. The Ipoh New Town Market is a popular place for supper. The feeling was that time had not changed, only we were getting older.


So, do keep in good health and we can do this for the next 30 years and beyond.


Kin Yuen and I had dinner in Chinatown and took some pictures there.


I managed to have dinner with Tai Chuan during his short trip to Singapore. And Tai Hung has just started his telecomm related business.


Together with Cheng Sun, we browse through the old Sam Tet School Magazines. It was yesterdays once more for us.


Khek Nyen reports: First meeting with Chin Keong since lower six, both of them are looking younger than their choronogical age and certainly they look fit. Meeting at 1pm, Ipoh Old Town, opposite the famous "Kwong Hin" food center. This place is famous for its fry "kuaytel".


Kin Yuen and I went for a photography session along the bank of MacRitchie Reservoir and we had lunch with Teh Hsin and his son in Toa Payoh.


Khek Nyen was in Melbourne when he met up with Mr. and Mrs. Leong Choy and had dinner with them.


Met Ah Tok in KL. He decided to have a new look, to make sure no one would be mistaken his younger brother for him. The inserted B&W photo was taken during the 70's in Penang.


Ah Kai reports: This is a photo taken on 13 June 04, while I was in Perth with Leong Choy. The photo was snapped in Kings Park, overlooking Perth. The weather was nice with light showers. The fruits were nice. The "Guelow" tried very hard to impress us their food. There is some improvement except in the wrong direction. The servings are big enough for elephants!


Ah Tok and I took part in the Olympic Day Run under the National Olympic Committee of Malaysia. It took me 1 hour to complete the 7km run - actually walking most of the time. Ah Tok took about 35 min. From the looks on the size of my tummy, I need more runs and less beer.


I walked for 5:30 hours to meet Kin Yuen in the German Beer House in Suntech City area.


I walked for 3 hours to visit Yee Cheong and Siew Cheng in Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

5-Dec-2004 We participated in the Singapore Marathon. From left to right, Francis Toh (42km), Too Teh Hsin (42km), Foong Thai Kwong (10km), Ng Kin Yuen (21km) and his brother (42km).


It told 18 months to organise this reunion dinner for the Class 1973 and many Sam Tet teachers. The result was fantastic, to say the least.
Standing 3rd row: Chuah Tiong Kau, Yeong Eng Heng, Chew Giek King, Cheng Wing Kim, Mak Kok Sun, Lee Kok Fatt, Wong Pak Koon, Goh Kwang Whung, Chan Chee Wah, Leow Yeow Ming.
Standing 2nd row: Lim Hon Shoo, Leong Kam Cheong, Chin Chew Khay, Chong Che Keong, Yong Kon Foo, Leong Siew Luen, Loong Choe Yuen, Chen Choo Yin, Choong Kiam Sang, Steve Chong Yoon On, Vincent Chow Choong Man, Tan Sin Su, Ong Kien Hin, Hee Park Chee.
Standing 1st row: Lee Swee Ho, Foong Chee San, Lim Wee Heng, Ng Kok Yau, Goh Toong Sung, Koo Cheng, Tan Chun Huat, Cheng Sun Chuan, Wong Wai Loong, Ho Che Tan, Ngoo Choo Yong, Chan Chee Wah, Lau Yin Teng, Teh Tuam Guan.
Seated: Chee Tai Kong, Mr. Ng Weng Heng, Mr. Wong Min Fah, Mr. Chan Yew Weng, Mr. Lam Weng Wah, Bro. Chin Yoon Choy, Bro. John Heng, Mr. Chee Min Kim, Mr. Chin Lean Seng, Mr. Ong Eng Seong, Mr. Wong Yuk Ling, Mr. Ng Ghin Choo.